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Re: Better brand recognition for new Debian (etch)

* Wiktor Wandachowicz ::

> Hello all Debian folks!
> First of all I would like to congratulate all Debian developers
> and maintainers for releasing sarge. Good job! (and a big relief
> for all of you, I guess)
> Having a Debian installed on 10 Sun Blade boxes and helping a bit
> on debian-boot with debian-installer I can safely say that I am
> also concerned with the future of Debian. Lately I have spotted an
> interesting entry in Ian Murdock's Weblog
> (http://ianmurdock.com/?p=239), where he points out that in order
> to get a better user recognition and vendor support some _naming_
> changes may be required.  After reading the post I can say that
> indeed there are some ideas worth to be at least considered.
> What I am referring to is that not only stable / testing / sid
> repositories are enough. Maybe just after a little bit of tweaking
> Debian could get some more "profiles" called server / desktop
> also? What this means for developers, is to "link" (or understand)
> such profiles as server == stable, and desktop == testing. On the
> other hand, maybe some more "profiles" would be required, such as:
> stable-server, stable-desktop, testing-server and testing-desktop?

IMHO, there is a series of (serious) problems in such a plan, such

* testing and unstable are not installable by non-tech-folk, all the
  time, really. There can be times where they are, but there are
  some times they are not. They break.

* we should not really multiply (space, time, bandwidth) needed for
  our mirrors; right now, some archs are endangered because of such
  hefty requirements.

* we *do* have, after all, "tasks" to install desktops and (some,
  specialized?) servers, without having to resort to creating
  another 30G of repositories.

* finally, the infrastructure necessary to do what you ask for is
  really a job better done by specialized derived distros (such as
  LinEx, Ubuntu, even Ian's own Progeny)


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