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Better brand recognition for new Debian (etch)

Hello all Debian folks!

First of all I would like to congratulate all Debian developers and
maintainers for releasing sarge. Good job! (and a big relief for all
of you, I guess)

Having a Debian installed on 10 Sun Blade boxes and helping a bit on
debian-boot with debian-installer I can safely say that I am also
concerned with the future of Debian. Lately I have spotted an interesting
entry in Ian Murdock's Weblog (http://ianmurdock.com/?p=239),
where he points out that in order to get a better user recognition
and vendor support some _naming_ changes may be required. After reading
the post I can say that indeed there are some ideas worth to be at least

What I am referring to is that not only stable / testing / sid repositories
are enough. Maybe just after a little bit of tweaking Debian could get some
more "profiles" called server / desktop also? What this means for
developers, is to "link" (or understand) such profiles as server == stable,
and desktop == testing. On the other hand, maybe some more "profiles"
would be required, such as: stable-server, stable-desktop, testing-server
and testing-desktop?

Almost all Linux users would clearly recognize from this naming scheme
what is what and what for. I send this post to debian-devel just in order
to notify you about these ideas. Think about it, could you?

There are some more good ideas in the article. Just see it for yourself.

Wiktor Wandachowicz

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