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Re: Better brand recognition for new Debian (etch)

>>>>> "humberto" == Humberto Massa Guimaraes <humberto.massa@almg.gov.br> writes:

    humberto> IMHO, there is a series of (serious) problems in such a
    humberto> plan, such as:

    humberto> * testing and unstable are not installable by
    humberto> non-tech-folk, all the time, really. There can be times
    humberto> where they are, but there are some times they are
    humberto> not. They break.

    unstable really break sometimes but testing exist to be a always
    working version. This is why sometimes things have a so long delay
    to enters testing while it has something broken or with RC issues.

    humberto> * we should not really multiply (space, time, bandwidth)
    humberto> needed for our mirrors; right now, some archs are
    humberto> endangered because of such hefty requirements.

    we currently have support for partial mirroring using a lot of
    packaged tools like debmirror, rsync, mirror and debpartial-mirror.

    humberto> * we *do* have, after all, "tasks" to install desktops
    humberto> and (some, specialized?) servers, without having to
    humberto> resort to creating another 30G of repositories.

    I didn't understand what you mean here. Please explain.

    humberto> * finally, the infrastructure necessary to do what you
    humberto> ask for is really a job better done by specialized
    humberto> derived distros (such as LinEx, Ubuntu, even Ian's own
    humberto> Progeny)

    Well yes and no. If we had a place to move the improvements we
    need on derivative distributions could be better since we have the
    possibility to merge more code and more effort and start to have
    more cooperation.

    Debian have all needed structure done. DAK support it very well
    and what is really need is only decide what is the rules for
    packages migrate to that releases from unstable.

    I'm not sure if this is good or bad for Debian but is possible to
    have it working without so much effort.

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