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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Gervase Markham wrote:
>> Is this still true or are you granting us the right to use
>> Mozilla Firefox/Mozilla Thunderbird/Mozilla Sunbird - that is, not
>> modify the
>> sources shipped by mozilla.org in this regard?
> I don't quite understand the second part of that question.
> I am anticipating that, if we come to an arrangement, Debian would be
> shipping something called "Firefox" rather than Mozilla Firefox in the
> UI; we reserve "Mozilla Firefox" for stuff we ship ourselves directly.
> Ideally, if we were starting from scratch, the packages would also be
> called "firefox" rather than "mozilla-firefox", but we'd probably be OK
> with not renaming them if the hassle of changing was great.

I was just unsure whether 'The Mozilla Foundation gives Debian permission to use
the Firefox logo and brand name' still calls for removal of the Mozilla prefix.

BTW, I am currently trying to figure out which logos to use for the prospective
sunbird package. AFAIK, sunbird has no such thing like a free logo. Can you try
to take care that something similar will be available for sunbird too?

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