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Re: links to logs in /etc? (/etc/postgresql/7.4/main/log)

In article <[🔎] 1118700799.8013.23.camel@esme.liw.iki.fi> you wrote:
> That said, the Debian Policy document does mandage use of the Filesystem
> Hierarchy Standard (FHS), which in turn describes /etc like this: "/etc
> contains configuration files and directories that are specific to the
> current system". This cannot reasonably be interpreted to mean anything
> than "configuration stuff only". When I say reasonably, I mean that a
> sharp lawer-like mind might interpret it in whatever way they wish, on a
> larch, but that is not useful for building an operating system.

Not that I like it, but a link in etc to the log direcoty is as good as a
config gile containing "logdir=". Only that the former is easier to use. And
since debian does place a lot of (alternative) links in etc it is a well
accepted config method. However I am not sure if it is used that way in the


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