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Re: Bits from the dpkg maintainer

On Sun, 12 Jun 2005, Wesley J. Landaker wrote:

> > The basics of the new format are:
> >     * Multiple upstream tarballs are supported:
> >     * The "Debian Diff" may be replaced by the "Debian Tar":
> >     * Bzip2 compression is supported as an alternative to gzip.
> As a practical matter, how soon will these really be supported in Debian? Is 
> dpkg change all that is needed? i.e. Could I upload a new revision of a 
> package that has multiple upstream tarballs, and a debian.tar.bz2 right 
> now, or are there a lot of other things that have to change first?

Historically we always wanted to be able to use all the source in the
archive with the tools available in stable.  If that policy is still
true you would be able to use the new features by the time edge releases
with the new dpkg.  That is in some 10 to 18 months :)

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