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X.org l10n (was: Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?)

> auditing things. Most of the Ubuntu changes, for example the reworking of
> the xserver debconf configuration scripts, I kept almost completely
> (merging in whatever fixes went in to the xfree86 tree after the Ubuntu
> branch). The remainder of the changes are either re-branding to Debian or
> merges from the latest xfree86 packaging tree.

David, this reminds me that the x.org packages probably need some big
push when it comes at their l10n for debconf stuff.

Indeed, I intend to add the "whatever X thing etch will use by
default" packages to the "level 5" of D-I translations, meant to give
translators a kind of priority list for things to work on.

As this is very likely to be x.org things, we'd better prepare all this.

So, when x.org packages will have reached the "ready to ship in
unstable" stage, could we manage to synchronise and post a call for
updates in debian-i18n ?

Some write access to your repository for package maintenance would
probably also help (I will certainly delegate this to another -i18n
involved developer as I have enough of these on my shoulders) and
allow someone to avoid you or your co-maintainers the tedious task of
dealing with zillion of l10n bug reports.

And, of course, some sync with the Ubuntu fellows is likely to avoid
double work here also.....

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