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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 03:12:02AM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:

> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > Without any clarification on your part, my interpretation remains unchanged.
> > Ubuntu routinely imports all of the new code in the Debian archive, sorts
> > out any necessary merging, and incorporates the changes.  You are arguing
> > for something similar to happen in the opposite direction.
> I clarified it in my next paragraph. I don't understand how you can say
> here that Ubuntu always merges with Debian and then claim below that it
> would depend on a case by case basis.

I didn't say "always", but so far we have done this with every package
modified by Ubuntu.  However, the situation with X.org seems quite different
to me, given your explanation that the packages were created independently.

> > Surely it would be misdirected effort to reimplement work which has
> > already been done in Ubuntu, and so I assume the Debian packaging would
> > at least be based on Ubuntu's packaging
> This seems to assume that Ubuntu always makes the best decisions for
> Debian.

What it assumes is merely that Ubuntu's X.org packages would be suitable for
Debian, and that the right people at Debian were aware of their existence at
the time.

> Perhaps we instead decide to use work done by Progeny instead.  Perhaps we
> even decide to *gasp* do it ourselves.
> My original question remains -- would you possibly massively rework your
> package to stay based on Debian's, or leave it forked?

As I explained in the message to which you replied, it depends on the
details of the situation, and both outcomes are possible.  If the new
packages were to meet Ubuntu's needs as-is, or with little modification,
then the benefits of sharing the code would likely outweigh the cost of
making the switch.  If they don't, then this might not be the case.

The tone of your messages in this thread seems thoroughly hostile.  This is
not an attitude that I have come to expect from you, and there's no need for
it here.  I'm not here to argue, but to to help clarify what Ubuntu is doing
and why.  I'm only interested in continuing this thread of conversation if
your intent is genuinely to understand, and not to promote conflict.

 - mdz

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