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Re: Vancouver prpopsal (was Re: Canonical and Debian)

Quoting John Goerzen (jgoerzen@complete.org):

> I am glad to have discussions take place at Debconf.  In-person meetings
> are a great way to brainstorm and reach some consensus.  But I am wary
> about decisions being reached there, or in IRC, or wherever only a
> minority of Debian developers can participate.

Probably not, of course, because as you said not everyone can
attend. But, actually, live discussions usually make things progress
way faster than mail fl^W discussions or IRC meetings. And compromises
are very much easier to reach, of course.

Then these discussions/proposals have of course to be re-discussed
more widely in the community, to give those who cannot attend a chance
to give their advice.

All this is of course completely trivial, by the way..:-)

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