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Re: Vancouver prpopsal (was Re: Canonical and Debian)

> No, actually, at the time it was released it was presented as a fait
> accompli. After it received a wide expression of distaste and disgust,

That is your point of view and the way you read it. This is not the
way I read it, so it's likely to be a matter of interpretation.

> There has, to date, been no 'starting point for discussion' provided
> by the Vancouver cabal.

Whether or not there was such intent, it indeed ended up in being a
"starting point of discussion" as much discussion happened and
constructive proposals were already made. Some of them being already
considered by the so-called Kabbalists.

By reading the Debconf5 participant list, I bet that much of these
will lead to heavy discussions at Debconf and you will have a lot of
opportunities to debate them. Just remind that one just cannot be as
rude in real life as you are by mail...so just be prepared for polite
and peaceful discussions, possibly around some beverage...:-)

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