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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

On Jun 08, Roger Leigh <rleigh@whinlatter.ukfsn.org> wrote:

> > Wrong. The problem is packages which need to interact with text files,
> > mail and usenet messages generated by broken software, and for which
> > assuming UTF-8 would be totally wrong.
> This is completely orthogonal to making UTF-8 the default locale
> codeset.
No, it's not because most applications do not allow setting a different
"default charset".

> The transition will in no way affect your need to use an old-fashioned
> 8-bit locale codeset if you need to do that.  I fully expect that many
> people will do exactly this for years to come, and the changing of the
> *default* will not prevent this.
So you think that we should change the default and then tell everybody
to switch back to have their systems working as expected?

> Please bear in mind that this is a change we need to make, which most
> of the major commercial distributions did over a year ago, if not
> before.
This hardly makes it a "need".

Unsurprisingly, looks you live in a country where anything else than
US-ASCII was rarely used in the past.


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