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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

Benj. Mako Hill(mako@atdot.cc)@2005-06-08 12:41:
> I have no desire to spin things in a way that makes everyone throw
> their arms up and love Ubuntu but rather to find constructive ways
> that these two projects (both of which I care about) can work together
> in mutually beneficial ways. The projects mutual existence is a given
> and doing it right is not easy.

It does seem that the majority of players are motivated to make that

Reading through this and other similar threads) it does seem that the
majority of ubuntu and debian developers wish to strengthen the
relationship.  Each project stands to gain a great deal from the other.

It seems evident that the relationship is symbiotic rather than
parasitic and should be encouraged to grow in that light.


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