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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 09:37 am, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> I agree.  I rather like being able to configure run levels to my liking.

I'm sorry, but this sets off my "Give me a break" reaction...
There's nothing wrong with a "By Default, this runlevel is this...but you can 
change it if you wish"...You'll be getting rid of an easy-to-remember key 
that helps many newbies remember what the heck is going on "Oh, /etc/inittab 
says I start up in 3, that must mean it's multi-user with no GUI".
To leave it up in the air so that a few people can dork out and define their 
own (yes, I'm kidding...but only a little) seems a bit like throwing over 
some ease-of-use for dorkin' it hardcore.

I mean, it's not up to me, but if it was, I would have some easy-to-remember 
guidelines like 
"3 is multi-user with no X" "5 is full gui, etc."
Remember, init 0 and 6 are well-defined already....

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