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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

On 2005 June 07 Tuesday 06:04, David Goodenough wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 June 2005 09:26, Thomas Hood wrote:
> > On Tue, 07 Jun 2005 10:10:13 +0200, David Goodenough wrote:
> > > Another item that might be worth considering for laptops is a
> > > networking equivalent of the pmount group.  People in these groups
> > > would be allowed to edit the network files (in particular
> > > /etc/network/interfaces) and bring interfaces up and down.
> >
> > http://people.redhat.com/dcbw/NetworkManager/
> >
> > --
> > Thomas Hood
> Reading the page at the URL I am a little unsure as to whether it requires
> the user to have root access or knowledge of the root password, or if
> the daemon simply does what the client code tells it to regardless.

From my understanding, it just uses dbus. There was a dbus article[0] in Red 
Hat Magazine in January that has a little information on dbus' handling of 
NetworkManager security.

> I will download the code and see if I can make it work.

I'd be interested in hearing about any issues you encounter when trying to 
make this work on Debian.

> Has anyone made a DEB of it yet, apt-get.org could not find one.

I started to, because there was a stretch where I actually had a laptop to use 
(a loaner from work), but then the laptop went away and I didn't want to 
maintain a package I couldn't really test ;)

NetworkManager has changed a lot since then, so anyone who wants to package it 
at this point would probably be better off starting from scratch.

[0] http://www.redhat.com/magazine/003jan05/features/dbus/#security


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