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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

<quote who="Petter Reinholdtsen" date="2005-06-04 21:24:54 +0200">
> > I'd like to hear about it, because this is certainly not the common
> > case, and there is an unfortunate amount of myth and rumour on this
> > subject.
> Oh, it is definitely not the common case.  My sample set is ~5
> packages, and for most of them the maintainer of the Ubuntu package
> were very interested in cooperation and co-maintenance.
> My point is just that we should be aware of the border cases, and try
> to find procedures to handle those as well.

Ultimately, we can't control every individual. Speaking as a project
though, we're absolutely interested in as deep collaboration as
possible -- particularly on this level.

If you think somebody is letting a "Debian Sux" attitude get in the
way, feel free to contact anyone on the Ubuntu community council or
technical board to sort it out. We're all familiar faces from Debian
and we're all committed making this work. :) Those names can be found



Benjamin Mako Hill

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