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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

<quote who="Miles Bader" date="2005-06-07 10:53:17 +0900">
> Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org> writes:
> > The question was really this, if Ubuntu created a better bug tracking
> > program would Debian want to run the new software on the debian
> > servers thus replacing the current bug tracking programs?
> Is it better?

I suspect that it will certainly be better than debbugs at some
things. Of course, many of those things are the specific needs of
Ubuntu developers. One of those is staying in sync with what goes on
in Debian which, obviously, is not something Debbugs needs to worry
about. ;)

I think it's extremely unlikely that Debian will leave Debbugs for
Malone. That said, I think that some Debian developers may choose to
use it in addition to debbugs to keep on eye on bugs that elsewhere
(Ubuntu and other places) just as many developers currently watch
upstream BTSs for their packages.

> What I've read about Malone has been pretty vague; it would be nice to
> see a concise summary of the (intended) differences between it and the
> debian BTS.

I'm not sure such a document exists at the moment but at the moment,
Malone is still a bit immature and it's still taking shape.

> Of particular interest is how well it deals with email bug
> handling, lack of which seems to be the most serious problem with many
> BTSs (e.g. bugzilla).

Email bug handling is something that many folks on the Ubuntu team
want so it will eventually happen. It's certainly one of my favorite
things about debbugs.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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