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Ports helping in World Domination? (was: Re: Canonical and Debian)

Quoting Julien BLACHE (jblache@debian.org):

> Eh, to achieve Total World Domination, we need to support every
> architecture out of there. Looks like a step in the wrong direction ;)

Well, frankly speaking, Julien, last time I checked most of so-called
third world users mostly just don't care a shit of non i386
architectures..:-). They just want a functional operating system for
the only architecture which is really available to them, no matter
whether we like it or not.

(oh, yes, I'm also aware of the ARM-based projects in India for very
low entry-point computers...and, yes, I know that some "exotic"
hardware lies in several "black boxes")

Not saying that Debian should focus on i386 systems. Just bringing us
back to some reality.....m68k, mips, mipsel ports are part of our
patrimony and being a universal OS is part of Debian specifiticy and
richness....but we really shouldn't tell that it helps in world
domination. And, no, I'm not throwing mud at these. Just reminding us
a few facts, maybe : being able to run Debian on an Amiga doesn't help
much in world domination.

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