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Re: New Debian Package Customization HOWTO

Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@familiasanchez.net> wrote:
> would like to announce it in the hopes that new and experienced Debian
> developers and users will review it and provide some feedback.  After a
> [2] http://familiasanchez.net/~sanchezr/?page=debcustomize

"The official Debian packages are built by a buildd, also called build
daemon, which makes use of pbuilder to ensure that every package is
built in a clean environment."

IIRC I read 2 or 3 weeks ago on d-d, that this is not the case. As the
buildds keeps installed dependencies for performance reason and can't be
"used" to check for build-dependencies. Sorry I didn't have the link at
hands, but maybe someone competent can confirm/correct this.


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