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Re: Release update: minor delay; no non-RC fixes; upgrade reports

Steve Langasek:

> I challenge anyone to do volunteer release management
> for a project with Debian's size and complexity ...

No.  After seeing what Steve does, I'd sooner volunteer
to spar with Darth Maul than to manage a release for a
project with Debian's size and complexity.

Sarge has as many binary packages as a World War II army
division had soldiers, and as many Developers as the
division had officers.  In the Debian division,
moreover, each individual soldier fills a unique,
noninterchangeable role, and each officer is an
unregimentable volunteer.  When can our release
manager say, "Transfer twelve artillery packages to
the third brigade now; remind corps HQ that forty of
our M-4 armor packages still need new rubber grommets;
and tell <pfufnik@debian.org> that if he doesn't take
that ridge by noon, I'll relieve him of command!"

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