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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

2005-05-31, k keltezéssel 21.00-kor John Goerzen ezt írta:
> > Other taxonomist may also argue that Debian is an infrastructural
> > distribution, which is well suited to be the base of such "spoons".
> Perhaps, but there are some issues with that.
> In the ubuntu case in particular, I wish that they would be more
> proactive in sending their patches to the Debian maintainers. 

> Sometimes they are changing things for some unique "ubuntu way". 

Okay, these were the problems.

And here is a good part of the solution:

> Finally, I would like to see many more developers putting their
> packages a distributed version control system like Arch or, better
> yet, Darcs.  

If everyone in the food chain, at least down from the debian maintainer,
would use that, it would greatly simplify problems with patch
management. Just I highly doubt it is doable.

It could also help to apply upper stream patches for spoons while
sticking to their spoonerisms ;), and even not giving them back in
patches again and again.

I guess that we, as Debian developers have no ground to criticise
downstream for doing things in their own way, provided they don't keep
pushing things deemed unacceptable.

It is another thing that I also used to be nervous to an other Debian
spoon;) when my friends ask for help, and I face its own little ugly
ways like completely changed init, or postinst scripts made completely

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