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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

2005-05-31, k keltezéssel 16.24-kor John Hasler ezt írta:
> Steve writes:
> > The Unix world was badly hurt by deliberate code forking during the 80s.
> > Those of us who lived through it are scared of a repeat.
> I don't believe that a Free Software fork can cause such damage. 

Forks in OSS do have drawbacks, this is why they are generally frowned
upon. Of course there are cases when advantages greater than drawbacks,
esp. when the latter are minimized, e.g. by submitting back patches.
Taxonomists may argue that such forks has to be called spoons;)
Other taxonomist may also argue that Debian is an infrastructural
distribution, which is well suited to be the base of such "spoons".

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