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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

Miros/law Baran(baran@knm.org.pl)@2005-05-31 21:02:
> ``The question is: who cares?''. Or, better: does it really matter,
> what name will be used?

Its not the name that would bother me, it is the result.  As Matt
Zimmerman pointed out elsewhere in this thread a "fork" is quite
negative and has the potential to badly damage both projects.

The Unix world was badly hurt by deliberate code forking during the
80s.  Those of us who lived through it are scared of a repeat.

It does look as if Ubuntu has none of the characteristics of a code
fork that can create such damage.

> Are you perchance a free software taxonomist?

No .. not at all.


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