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Re: Hijacking apt-cacher (Jonathan Oxer MIA?)

#include <hallo.h>
* Martin Michlmayr [Wed, May 11 2005, 10:45:47AM]:
> * Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org> [2005-05-11 10:55]:
> > I do not get any answers from the maintainer of apt-cacher (Jonathan
> > Oxer <jon@debian.org>) without any obvious reason, he has been
> > responding few weeks ago.
> ...
> > If anyone has contact with Jonathan, please tell him to contact me.
> Jon became the president of Linux Australia a while ago and is working
> on a book so he's probably just busy and will appreciate your work.
> I'd give him a chance to say "go ahead" though.  If he doesn't reply
> to this mail, I'm fairly sure one of the Debian Melbourne guys have his
> phone number.  In fact, Russell Coker has organized a meetup on
> Saturday so he might be able to ask Jon in person for you there
> (assuming that he'll attend, obviously).

Okay. In fact, his mail address produces bounces but I did not get them
when sending mail to apt-cacher@packages.debian.org. Something is fishy

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