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Re: Hijacking apt-cacher (Jonathan Oxer MIA?)

* Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org> [2005-05-11 10:55]:
> I do not get any answers from the maintainer of apt-cacher (Jonathan
> Oxer <jon@debian.org>) without any obvious reason, he has been
> responding few weeks ago.
> If anyone has contact with Jonathan, please tell him to contact me.

Jon became the president of Linux Australia a while ago and is working
on a book so he's probably just busy and will appreciate your work.
I'd give him a chance to say "go ahead" though.  If he doesn't reply
to this mail, I'm fairly sure one of the Debian Melbourne guys have his
phone number.  In fact, Russell Coker has organized a meetup on
Saturday so he might be able to ask Jon in person for you there
(assuming that he'll attend, obviously).

Martin Michlmayr

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