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Re: debian.org email forwarding

also sprach Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> [2005.05.07.1555 +0200]:
> Why bother to forward those messages to your mail server at all?
> The same base64 string you are using in postfix's body_checks will
> surely serve in your .procmailrc in master.

Because master is not the only machine that forwards to my main mail
server, so the choice is between maintaining the list on X servers,
or one central list.

But you are right, I should probably just drop them at the server,
not reject them.

I wonder why I even reject them at all. It's not like "bounce spam"
is something I am not familiar with. Weird. Must have been
a momentary lapse of reason.

> Thanks to base64, I never forward any windows virus to myself, they
> are kept in my ~/mail directory. See my ~/pmrc/executables in master
> for generic anti windows-executable recipes.

Nice. I will gladly check those out.

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