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Re: debian.org email forwarding

also sprach Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> [2005.05.07.1403 +0200]:
> Why are you so much worried about the envelope sender, when it is
> usually forged? You are not trying to bounce messages that you
> didn't want to receive back to the sender, are you? (that would be
> bounce-spam).

Well, sure. The point is that right now, my server rejects a lot of
spam, so the bounces end up in my regular mailbox. I am effectively
boune-spamming myself. So I'd rather have the bounce generated by
master go elsewhere.

> I'm more worried about "! my@address.net" rewriting the message body,

You mean the payload? It rewrites the 822 header, but not the
message body.

> so I usually do something like "formail -R Sender: X-Master-Sender:"
> in master and then "formail -I Sender: -R X-Master-Sender: Sender:" on
> the machine where I actually receive the message.

okay, that's also an interesting solution, but it won't solve my
problem: if the final recipient server rejects the message which
procmail forwarded, I get the bounce.

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