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Re: debian.org email forwarding

On Sat, 7 May 2005, martin f krafft wrote:

> I am trying to switch to procmail on master, which involves putting
> a proper ~/.procmailrc in place and nothing else.
> However, a major problem arises due to spam. My last rule forwards
> remaining mails to my normal email address, using the standard mail
> forwarding syntax:
>   :0
>   ! my@address.net
> Any message forwarded will then be sent with madduck@debian.org
> overriding the original envelope sender.
> The best way to deal with this is to set
>   SENDMAIL="/usr/sbin/sendmail -f $SENDER"
> in the .procmailrc file, and the db.debian.or email forwarding page
> [0] seems to suggest at the bottom, that $SENDER is in fact passed
> in the environment.
> This does not seem to be the case. By the time that procmail is
> invoked, the environment is pretty much cleared of most everything,
> so I cannot get at the original sender address anymore, at least not
> with trivial/robust means.
> Is this a problem in the mail configuration of exim? If yes, it
> would be great to get this fixed. If no, then the db.debian.org page
> [0] should be updated. Or am I just overlooking a trivial detail?
> 0. http://db.debian.org/forward.html

Why are you so much worried about the envelope sender, when it is
usually forged? You are not trying to bounce messages that you didn't
want to receive back to the sender, are you? (that would be bounce-spam).

I'm more worried about "! my@address.net" rewriting the message body,
so I usually do something like "formail -R Sender: X-Master-Sender:"
in master and then "formail -I Sender: -R X-Master-Sender: Sender:" on
the machine where I actually receive the message.

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