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Stateless Debian Project


We have just initiated  Stateless Debian Project and we are looking for active volunteers/developers
Detail of project are  given below 
This project was started by Fedora (Redhat) but is no longer in active development and  will  not be included in next release of fc4 , this projects aims to provide longterm commitment to the concept & port it to 100% community based distro like Debian

Stateless Linux  converts normal Linux desktop/clients to Stateless machines or appliances, which means if throw your computer out of window you still will be able to get exactly same same settings/data when you log from any other pc in the network ....A single administrator can easily manage network  thousands of desktops ...Stateless Linux centralizes the state in a Gold server (different from CFengine) and  rest  of clients are updated regularly from it . This is different from thin clients as local processing power and memory of clients is used (or cached client)

Project Goals

1) Port relevant parts of RH State Linux (http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/stateless/) to Debian
2)Extend/integrate/enhance Stateless Linux thru existing projects like  DBRL
http://drbl.sourceforge.net/debian/wiki-view/pmwiki-view.php/DRBL/WhatIsDRBL  <http://drbl.sourceforge.net/debian/wiki-view/pmwiki-view.php/DRBL/WhatIsDRBL>
and Debian CCD infrastructure, FAI (Fully Automated Installation,http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/) 3) Add cluster support and node monitoring and autonomic capabilities 4)Meets most of OSDL Desktop Linux specification
5) Long term community based , vendor neutral project
6) Member of "Move 2 Debian" project
7) Latter (2nd phase )Add p2p support for directory support(DHT), file storage and retrieval(tuples), state transfer (Bittorent) to elinimate any need of centralized servers/infrastructure and make it highly scalable (to millions!!)

Right now this project is in pre beta stage and we are preparing Stateless Linux White paper and started porting portions of RH Stateless Linux to Debian .
Any  Suggestions/Ideas will appreciated :-) ..if anyone is interested from this  list then pl let me know

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