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Re: A way _not_ to handle bugs

Adrian Bunk <bunk@stusta.de> writes:

> severity 306015 grave
> thanks
> Hi Steve,
> first of all, if you downgrade a bug only a good hour after I upgraded 
> it, it would be nice if you would:
> - Cc me
> - send a better explanation than "This is not a missing dependency, feh"

Looking at the bug log, it seems that you had no business increasing
the severity in the first place.  You didn't report the bug, you
aren't the maintainer, and now you are playing BTS wars.  It's up to
the maintainer and Steve, secondarily it's up to the submitter of the
bug, and it doesn't seem to concern you at all.

This bug does not make the package "unusable or mostly so" because it
has a trivial workaround available.  So it was wrong of you to mark it
grave, unless you are just seeking attention.  It might be "serious",
but the submitter himself thought it was "important".  You didn't give
any reasons for busting in and changing it.  That's wrong.  


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