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Re: PHP/WebApp policy/mailing list

> So, I'm not sure such kind of list
> will be useful for a long period. Of course, we could discuss about
> the meaning of 'long' in Debian metrics...

I disagree with that. A lot of people use webapps (through their 
browser) a lot more than all the others.

I already explained my PoV about webapps in debian many times on 
d-devel@, and I still believe that debian should have a policy about 
webapps, but that's not the only point, and I don't see why such a list 
would die. a lot of packaging scripts have to be written (dbconfig eg), 
or enhanced (wwwconfig-common eg).

That may look stupid, but webapps may need a lot of new concepts like 
asynchronous apt tasks : I don't know if you realize how many webapps 
upgrade will fail if their db server is down (and that happens a lot : 
every time the webapp is upgraded at the same time as your SGDB ... the 
DB server will be down during the webapp upgrade). that would need 

THere is the security problems too (see all the discussion about 
include() e.g.), and a lot of things to speek about (PEAR packaging 
e.g. is not ruled by any policy ...). And there is a lot of maintainers 
that suffer from all those problems, and that would be happy to find 
some other developper that shares the same problems.

so, maybe (and I hope so) it won't have d-devel traffic. but I really 
think it won't die.
·O·  Pierre Habouzit
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