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Re: PHP/WebApp policy/mailing list

On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 03:38:51PM +0200, Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
> If I understand well, those two names could be interesting:
>   - debian-webapp@lists.debian.org
>   - debian-web-packages@lists.debian.org
> I find the first one a little bit ugly (the "webapp" word is not that 
> clean for a mailing list I think) and I also find the second problematic 
> because of the word "packages".
> This leads me to propose the following name:
>   - debian-web@lists.debian.org
> It's simple and clean, but maybe it will conflict a bit with the
> actual
> debian-www in some cases...

I think that there's been consensus that:

Should be discounted.
(Correct me if anyone disagrees)

This leaves:

I think that debian-web@lists.debian.org is probably a little too close
to debian-www@l.d.o

debian-webapp is a little clunky, but possibly the best suggestion :)
Although debian-cgi is probably the best description to the (suggested)
scope of the list, it seems to me that this could cause confusion, as
people may think that it only refers to systems that traditionally go in
the cgi-bin directory.

All the best,
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