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Re: PHP/WebApp policy/mailing list

Pascal Hakim wrote:
Speaking as a listmaster, I believe that a list that would be used to
provide people with a place to discuss the packaging of web-apps, as
well as standard things associated with it is a great idea. It's better
than debian-apache (after all, there's other web servers out there), and
it's better than creating a debian-php list. We want this to be used by
all web-apps, whether they be in php, python, perl or whatever the
flavour of the week is.

It seems that everyone here agrees on the fact that such a list would be helpful and could enhance the way webapp packages are made.

I find Frankie's suggestion interesting and would vote for an Alioth account for hosting the mailinglist. Moreover, if we want to start writing a "Debian Webapp Policy Manual", alioth is a good idea too, I suppose.

First of all we have to find a correct name for such a project. I was thinking at something generic like "webapp-policy" but other ideas are welcome.


Alexis Sukrieh

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