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Re: PHP/WebApp policy/mailing list

sean finney a écrit :
well, given that there will most likely result a package or two from the
discussion, as well as a policy (hopefully :), and both of which will
need some kind of working repository to which we all have access, it
would make sense to start up an alioth project anyway.

I agree. That cannot hurt to have a working area.
I also vote for a SVN account.

and while we're
waiting for the debian-webapp (or whatever name we decide on) mailing
list at l.d.o, we could also have somewhere to talk.  later, we could
move en masse to l.d.o list when we have it and leave the project just
for the packaging/policy repository.


so, that said, i'm going to go ahead and apply for an alioth project
for the packaging related stuff, as i was planning on doing so anyway.
if folks wouldn't mind a list hosted there, i can set it up.

Ok, which name will you use for the alioth project?

Alexis Sukrieh

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