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Re: Status of PHP5?

Piotr Roszatycki <Piotr_Roszatycki@netia.net.pl> writes:

> I don't see any bonus in converting the YADA-based packages to the
> other build system. I don't understand why it might be a reason for
> rejection.

Well, you co-authored yada, didn't you?  Of course it sounds ideal to
you.  But don't you understand that other developers might not like it
as much as you do?

> For 6 month I see nothing. Where are the packages? The people need
> them. I'm not just talking. I'm working on _my_ packages and I'm doing
> it as well as I can do it. Do you have better packages? So please
> upload it into incoming. Or just allow me to make a good job on
> them. Don't obstruct the Debian project.

I don't and in fact, I have nothing to do with PHP whatsoever.  I'm
suggesting that you try to work with existing teams instead of doing
your own thing in your corner and then whining when it gets rejected.
Debian has more than 900 developers, a minimum amount of cooperation is
necessary...  it may not work as well as you want but hijacking other
people's packages is not a solution.


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