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Re: Minimizing ld dependencies with --as-needed

* Ralf Wildenhues 

| * Tollef Fog Heen wrote on Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 09:45:03PM CEST:
| > * Ralf Wildenhues 
| > 
| > | I would be much happier if someone with time would just help to put
| > | this into libtool properly as an option (and possible adjust pkg-config,
| > | FWIW).  I'm pretty sure it would minimize the combined amount of work,
| > | with increased benefit.
| > 
| > pkg-config has the necessary patches now, but the support is disabled
| > by default in Debian.  It'll be enabled post-sarge.
| I think that is not enough.  Unless libtool supports this properly, you
| will end up having weird, seemingly unrelated bug reports with things
| that broke by this change. 


| It won't work at all unless Debian Libtool keeps its
| "link_all_deplibs=no" patch, which is unfortunate.

pkg-config is used outside of a libtool context too.


| We started some discussions on this issue[1], but no final conclusion
| nor patch has been proposed.  It would be much nicer to solve the
| problem cleanly in libtool.

You can't solve the whole problem in libtool.  I was merely saying
that pkg-config upstream and in Debian now has the necessary patches,
but they will stay disabled until sarge releases; I wasn't talking
about libtool at all.

| To put it another way: Please don't blame libtool for failures caused by
| using --as-needed behind its back.

--as-needed is more or less just a way to hide errors and should
really be renamed to --print-unneeded or something similar where it
would generate warnings for unused libraries.

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