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Re: Temporal Release Strategy

In article <[🔎] 4266C444.6070307@linuxmachines.com>,
Jeff Carr  <jcarr@linuxmachines.com> wrote:
>Why not let people choose what they want to use "woody" "sarge" or "sid" 
>and never change the names again. I think lots of people are happy with 
>how things work now. No need to ever do a release again. Just remove the 
>old/arcane symlinks. Almost everyone I know uses sid; I don't think 
>anyone is going to switch to sarge once sid is out.

If almost everyone you know is a desktop user, then I can see your
point. But no-one sane running production server systems is going
to run sid.

Sid aka unstable on a production system means either updating
your production system every few days to keep up ("sorry customer,
we switched to php 6.8 with postgres 17, rewrite your apps and
fix your sql" or "sorry boss, we switched to php 6.8 with postgres
17, the forced rewrite of the production system means the plant will be
down for 3 weeks") or you don't upgrade unless needed for security
reasons and at that point you have the same problem but then
for 300 packages at the same time.

That's why you need a stable supported release. No surprises
but still security patches.

I also think that running debian unstable-only will mean debian
will get even less focused. Why update your packages, there's
not going to be a release ever anyway. If we're not at that
point already.


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