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Re: Temporal Release Strategy

Adam M wrote:

? I guess I don't understand enough about how the build process works
for the packages in debian but that sounds funny to me. Or I just don't
understand what you mean.

To build security patches, you need the same libraries, compilers,
etc... for the release so the built package has the same ABI.

Surely. I just thought there could be only one version of a package in the Packages.gz file. I didn't think each older package that might be in main/a/apache/ would be rebult with the enviornment that it was originally built in. If I understand you correctly and that is what happens, then I see that would be computing intensive.

Yes, it is mostly FUD. You can change the symlinks to ...

Well, I can't really change them; I was more just giving my point of view as a happy debian user.

Also, I think you replied to this without even reading the thread. I
said "his definition of stable", not current stable.

Sorry you are right, I didn't notice this distinction.

These names will never change. You can still use Slink or Hamm if you want.

Oh, and Sid will never release because it is always unstable. See
above link for more details.

Yes, I knew that, but tend to forget. It's been years since the last release.

Also, your the last statement shows your lack of understanding of the
release process. Instigating needless flamewars, like you just did, is

Sorry; wasn't trying to do that. Just passing on results of working in a corporate enviornment and the kinds of complaints that have been used against debian deployment.


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