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Re: Temporal Release Strategy

> Isn't the process:
> 1) make a patch
> 2) give it to the apache developers
> 3) new packaged apache versions have the patch
> 4) patch makes it upstream
> 5) patch no longer needed in debian package

You know, there are security updates for stable releases. You have to
patch those. If there are 15 versions of Apache in various stable
releases, that means 15 packages to apply patches to. Well, let's just
say it is less then realistic.

> > Also, try providing an efficient stable security build daemons! The
> > chroots would have to be rebuilt for each package.
> ? I guess I don't understand enough about how the build process works
> for the packages in debian but that sounds funny to me. Or I just don't
> understand what you mean.

To build security patches, you need the same libraries, compilers,
etc... for the release so the built package has the same ABI.

> > In many ways, current testing is your stable.
> No kidding, so what the heck is the point of having a stable symlink to
> woody. The stable, testing and unstable symlinks should be removed. They
> are just being used as FUD by people against debian.

Yes, it is mostly FUD. You can change the symlinks to "stale",
"staging", "bleedingedge" or whatever. For more information of what is
in Debian, and especially its FTP structures, see


Also, I think you replied to this without even reading the thread. I
said "his definition of stable", not current stable.

> > Extending the testing
> > period from testing to your proposed candidate and then stable would
> > do nothing about normals bugs. RC bugs are usually found quite quickly
> > by people using unstable.
> Why not let people choose what they want to use "woody" "sarge" or "sid"
> and never change the names again. I think lots of people are happy with
> how things work now. No need to ever do a release again. Just remove the
> old/arcane symlinks. Almost everyone I know uses sid; I don't think
> anyone is going to switch to sarge once sid is out.

These names will never change. You can still use Slink or Hamm if you want.

Oh, and Sid will never release because it is always unstable. See
above link for more details.

Also, your the last statement shows your lack of understanding of the
release process. Instigating needless flamewars, like you just did, is
probably the main reason why Ubuntu was created. So, if you are going
to rant about something you don't know about (and don't care about
since you use Sid, not Sarge), take a break and then think if it's
worth it.

- Adam

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