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Re: lintian & linda

Hello Bernd,

* Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@lina.inka.de> [2005-04-10 22:17]:
> In article <20050410172706.GB4560@ngolde.de> you wrote:
> > Ok thats a reason. But why not merge these projects now? I
> > really recommend this because in my opinion this are two
> > projects which do the same job twice which is in my eyes
> > contraproductive.
> Actually that is how open source works. 

No I don't think so. Open source would be to share the
improvements, as people sent their improvements to rms
instead of writing own editors in the past
Sometimes there is the case that major design decisions are
too different from the original source so there is no other
way. but is this the case with lintian and linda?
I mean basically they do check policy rules.

> I often also feel that this
> duplicate work, most often driven by personal preferences is wasted time,
> but then I get out my Kathedral and Bazaar book and read it again and come
> to the conclushion that competition and alternatives are good (in the long
> term).

I don't think that fork projects is wasted time in general
(i am one of the mutt forkers with mutt-ng) but i am not
quite shure if it makes sence in this case.
maybe the authors of linda and lintian could say something
about this.
regards nico
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