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Re: lintian & linda

In article <20050411074504.GA4292@darkmoon.home> you wrote:
> Everybody agrees here, but (AFAIK) this is not the situation we are
> discussing. No 'Better Ideas' in linda.

You have to see that in the context. Linda was written while lintian was
not-so-good maintained. And of course if somebody decides to pick up a
problem and solve it he/she is free to pick the tool he likes. Now that both
are equally well maintained, there is no point in complaining and everybody
can pick one. Sooner or later one of both will fall behind or diverge in
another direction. And most likely this is due to the internal differences
and the thinking of the authors.

One spin-off I could for example imagine (even unlikely) is a generic
package verification tool or a dpkg-api rewrite.

BTW: linda and lindian are as different as 2 VI clones are...


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