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Re: lintian & linda

Hallo Emanuele,

* Emanuele Rocca <ema@debian.org> [2005-04-10 23:01]:
> * [ 10-04-05 - 20:28 ] Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@lina.inka.de> wrote: 
> >  In article <20050410172706.GB4560@ngolde.de> you wrote:
> >  > Ok thats a reason. But why not merge these projects now? I
> >  > really recommend this because in my opinion this are two
> >  > projects which do the same job twice which is in my eyes
> >  > contraproductive.
> >  
> >  Actually that is how open source works. I often also feel that this
> >  duplicate work, most often driven by personal preferences is wasted time,
> >  but then I get out my Kathedral and Bazaar book and read it again and come
> >  to the conclushion that competition and alternatives are good (in the long
> >  term).
> Sure, but only if two projects have at least some differences; in 'The
> Cathedral and the Bazaar' popclient becomes fetchmail.
> Whenever someone submits an ITP for the software A, whose functionality 
> is already provided in Debian by B, the standard question is "Why is A 
> better than B? From your long description it is not clear which are the 
> aspect that make them different."

Thats what I think too. What do others think about this?
Regards Nico
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