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Re: Why do we still have this on the distribution?

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> > > - sarge is around the corner, and keeping it in means maintaining
> > >   it for possibly another 2-4 years!  if it's *already*
> > >   no longer maintained upstream...
> > 
> > This raises a valid point; maybe the maintainer can comment on this? Since
> > we already receive no security updates to php3 from upstream, is it
> > feasible security-wise to keep it in the distribution for some years to
> > come?
> > 
> I think the opinion of the stable release manager and security team should
> rank higher than the maintainer also.

Well, having less packages to maintain security-wise is always better.
However, if there is still a valid need for PHP3 in addition to PHP4
and maybe even in addition to PHP5, there's a good reason keeping the
packages.  We cannot simply request its removal.  With the help of the
maintainer it may be possible to give proper support.



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