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Re: Why do we still have this on the distribution?

On Tue, 05 Apr 2005, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Don Armstrong dijo [Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 12:17:26PM -0700]:
> > Until Adam Conrad decides that it shouldn't be in the archive, or
> > the bugginess of the package precludes it from being included in a
> > release (IE, unresolved RC bugs) the package will continue being
> > released on the assumption that the maintainer actually knows
> > better than any one else if people are really using the package.
> Debian does not aim at packaging _more_ software, it aims at
> packaging _better_ software, at offering everything a given user
> might need.

Sure, but the maintainer is really the person who is in the position
of making this determination. [I know we both have packages in the
archive that many people don't see the utility of, but I (and
presumably you as well) know that they're being used.]

The fact that Adam Conrad just made an upload yesterday to fix bugs in
the package seems to indicate that he at least feels that it is
useful. [Or at least, I *hope* that's why an upload was made instead
of requesting removal.]

Don Armstrong

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