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Re: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source


My plan is to have a source-repository of every single Debian package.
I consider it to be interesting in several ways including that of avoiding
symbol conflicts with shared library package, and finding out 
what might be a scalable way to maintain such a large chunk of source code.

> > > So would I. Which is why I filed #250202
> I second suggestion given at #250202 and like to see "unpacked" and "patched" 
> targets to hit Policy 4.8.

unpacked/patched will not be a good name to choose, since they might 
already exist in debian/rules as targets.

It would be nice to have a 'policy-reserved' name for debian/rule targets 
that cannot be used unless policy allows to which is guaranteed not to be 
used anywhere else.

> > I have had a vague recollection that there was something
> > which had not been implemented yet; thanks for pointing it out.
> >
> > The discussion is pointing to a direction that is human-parsed
> > and requiring a large amount of change in Debian archive.
> > I would like an interim solution before that is implemented.
> I would suggest as a beginning to start with one section (e.g. base) and just 
> count which packages miss targets like this and file a wishlist bugs against 
> them (possibly a post-sarge job), and when these targets hit policy just 
> raise the bug severity.

I've extracted every single package using the following kind of snippet:

 bzgrep ^Package: Sources.bz2 | sed 's/Package: //'  | xargs -n1 apt-get source

and started doing some searching on what target can be used for 
extracting the tarball and applying patches; following is a list that
I came up after a few hours of searching:

acct 6.3.5-39: debian/rules patch
ace debian/rules patch
afio 2.5-3: debian/rules patch
apache 1.3.33-4: debian/rules source.make
apache2 2.0.53-5: debian/rules source.make (patch target tries to create diff.)
arpwatch 2.1a13-2: debian/rules setup
autofs 4.1.3+4.1.4beta2-3: debian/rules source.make
away 0.9.5-2: debian/rules setup
axiom 20050201-1: debian/rules debian/patches_applied
bacula 1.36.2-1: debian/rules patch
bash 3.0-14: debian/rules patch-bash
bash3 3.0-12: debian/rules patch-bash
bglibs 1.019.dfsg1-0.1: debian/rules unpack
bigloo 2.6e-1: debian/rules setup
cernlib 2004.11.04-3: debian/rules patch
cfengine 1.6.5-1: debian/rules patch
cfengine2 2.1.13-1: debian/rules setup
clanbomber 1.05cdbs-1: debian/rules apply-patches
clanlib 0.6.5-1-2.2: debian/rules source.make
clearsilver 0.9.13-3: debian/rules apply-patches
console-tools 1:0.2.3dbs-56: debian/rules setup
cronolog 1.6.2-5: debian/rules setup
cvm 0.32-1: debian/rules unpack
cyrus-sasl 1.5.28-6.4: debian/rules setup
cyrus-sasl2 2.1.19-1.5: debian/rules setup
cyrus-sasl2-mit 2.1.19-1.1: debian/rules setup
db2 2: debian/rules setup
db3 3.2.9-22: debian/rules setup
dcl 1:0.9.2-2: debian/rules setup
denemo 0.7.2a-7: debian/rules apply-patches
diffmon 20020222-2: debian/rules setup
drip debian/rules apply-patches


Junichi Uekawa, Debian Developer
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