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Re: ITP: opencubicplayer -- Music file player

> > Thanks :) hehe, it wasn't different to me:
> > but it can't only play modules, but also mp3 and ogg.
> > and the file selector is very handy (type in the path you want,
> > letters only (and / as well as dot).
> > 
> > Stian will work on rewriting the assembly parts to c so it gets
> > easier for porting. For now it'll be i386(and linux) only.
> Any reasons not to use libmikmod and improve the backend in that lib,
> instead, focusing in porting just the Cubic Player UI?

Well, feel free to do it. libmikmod renders alot of songs horribly wrong.
It's just a completely different sound renderer as the one from
Niklas. Just like xmp, or modplug (see xmms-modplug/modplugplay).

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