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Re: [RFC] OpenLDAP automatic upgrade

> Only now I would trust BDB 4.2 with any mission critical data... but then, I
> am the one which still builds Cyrus 2.1 against BDB 3.2 for stability (Cyrus
> 2.2 will be built against BDB 4.2).

IIRC, BDB 3.3 addresses very serious problems in 3.2, but we can't have
3.3 in Debian without a painful libdb3 transition.

> On a tangent, why do we still have BDB 4.1 on Debian?  Isn't it "not
> exactly safe" on SMP and SMT machines?  Or were all bugs fixed in 4.2 also
> fixed there?

As soon as packages stop depending on 4.1, it is likely to be removed
altogether, just as 4.0 was.

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