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Re: [RFC] OpenLDAP automatic upgrade

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Clint Adams wrote:
> some version of db4.3 on some platform because of some undescribed flaw
> related to the log format change.  There does not appear to be a report
> in the Debian BTS about this problem.

Hmm... my experience with BDB 4.x tells me we should be quite a bit paranoid
with it, it is a wonderful piece of software, but it takes a while to shake
out all the bugs, and so far that "while" was more time than what it took
for upstream to change to the next version. 

Only now I would trust BDB 4.2 with any mission critical data... but then, I
am the one which still builds Cyrus 2.1 against BDB 3.2 for stability (Cyrus
2.2 will be built against BDB 4.2).

On a tangent, why do we still have BDB 4.1 on Debian?  Isn't it "not
exactly safe" on SMP and SMT machines?  Or were all bugs fixed in 4.2 also
fixed there?

> Now, as far as pestering other maintainers goes, I don't believe there's
> a point there either.  Most of the packages currently built against

Not yet, that's for sure.

> libdb4.3 don't use transactional environments, and thus cannot be bitten
> by the txn log problem mentioned by Quanah Gibson-Mount.


> If there are any real problems with software built with Debian's db4.3
> packages (which are built quite differently than Fedora's, for example),
> they should be reported so they can be fixed.

I also agree with you in this.  I will take that as a "prove to me that
there is a bug, and we go from there" reply.

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