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Re: .d.o machines which are down (Re: Questions for the DPL candidates)

> As I understand it, the plan was to convert auric into a buildd but
> the RAID needs to be fixed.  Ben Collins was looking into this but I
> don't know about the status.  I've also heard discussions several
> months ago about using one of Ben's really fast machines.
> This is based on what I've heard at some point and may not be
> accurate.  I'm CCing Ben so he can comment.
> If we do need auric and if we need resources to fix the RAID, Debian
> can make funding available.

I have an e3500 to replace both auric and vore (and the raid), but I
haven't gotten an ok from James to do so yet.

If he says ok, then I'll carry this e3500 up there and let him have fun
with it. It's a 6x366mhz box with 6gigs of ram, and I've pulled all the
raid disks from auric to put into it. VisiNet has already said they don't
mind having it up there (it's about the same size as auric+vore+raid

It'll certainly run two buildd's and have enough resources left for ppl to
do local builds.

Also, this will make two ultrasparc machines available for some of our new
sparc developers. I can't pay to ship them, but if Debian foots the bill,
I'll get them to the right ppl.

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