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Re: Vancouver meeting - clarifications

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) wrote:
> (And, BTW, newraff is a quite mature box. Of course, there is always
> more and better hardware available, but newraff is already a very good
> machine. And, we want to give the testing migration script more tasks,
> like handling of the udebs, which puts load off from human being and on
> into a script. But that increases the ressources the script uses.)

These are technical problems, something Debian is very good at dealing
with in general.  I don't think we need more hardware resources.  We
need to use them better which probably means working on a better system
that's able to handle the load and that will scale better.  Things like
ditching dbm in favor of Postgres or similar, connection cacheing or
perhaps ssh port-forwarding and then connecting to a Postgres instance
over that port-forward would probably help alot...


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