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Re: Another load of typos

Quoting Florian Zumbiehl (florz@gmx.de):
> Hi,
> now that the problems with my last bunch of bug reports on mostly "its"
> vs. "it's" mistakes some months ago seem to be solved, I've found another
> load of typos of the "a" vs. "an" flavor, about 110 in total.

please please please...for anything which can be localized (especially
debconf templates) add something about translations in the bug

At least pointing the developers to podebconf-report-po for warning
translators that their translation needs an update because the
original English was changed for instance. All they have to do is
installing po-debconf and run this utility from the top of their
package's source tree after making the change and run

Indeed, typo and spell corrections should not need translation updates
and affected translations can certainly be unfuzzied.....WHEN ONE

For package descriptions, this is less harmful as indeed there is no
real way to handle translations properly (the DDTP does not really
implement stuff for that and I'm even not sure it is still working

So, I really suggest that you separate things between package
descriptions and debconf templates. For the latter, plese get in touch
with debian-i18n.

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